Garland County District Court



Meet Tamra Barrett

A life-long Arkansan, Tamra Barrett is dedicated to ensuring safety, security and justice for all residents of Garland County.  Watch the video to learn more about Tamra's background and motivation. 


Issues Facing Garland County

During her twenty years spent working in District Court, Tamra Barrett has developed a keen understanding of the issues facing Garland County.

That is why she's determined to fix them.

Tamra Barrett has a keen understanding of the individuals who frequently find themselves within the court system, the programs available to help those who want it, and the punitive measures necessary for those who need it.



the issues.
Finding the best

Tamra Barrett has over twenty years of experience in practicing law. As a native resident of Garland County, Barrett is acutely familiar with both the issues facing its citizens and the programs available to make a difference. 

"The most important quality a judge in this position can have is to know the right questions to ask," notes Barrett. "There are people who need to serve time in a detention. But there are also individuals who could better contribute to our community through the successful completion of the programs available through the Garland County court system." 

I firmly believe that through my experience as Deputy Public Defender, I am able to ask the right questions, serve impartially, and make fair decisions that best serve individuals, families, and the Garland County community in the long term.

During my tenure as a public defender, I have had the opportunity to serve on thousands of cases within the District Court system, providing me with an unparalleled understanding of the needs and expectations of the position, and with clear understanding of the unique opportunity to impact our community by reaching so many people that come through District Court.
— Tamra Barrett